Alexander Johansson

Alexander Johansson

Founder Tennistechie & RAQTS

Alex is the Director of Tennis at the New England Tennis Academy, operates and  RAQTS. He consults, and teaches on the current state, processes, products, applications, and future opportunities in productive use of technology for tennis teaching/learning. He provides consultation, presentations, and Specialty courses for Associations, and private entities.

As the 2016 Touring Coach of the Year (USPTA Texas) , Alex is a pioneer at developing and incorporating certain productive use of technology in College, club, and academy high performance junior players. Alex wants to help coaches embrace tennis tech and it’s potential processes on a useful level everywhere and anywhere.


My World, Same Game – Using Technology with young players


In a world of screens and instant communication technology has become a big influence on the life of a child. To date tennis has not been effective in marrying the game with the world of today’s child. In this session we explore the practical on court use of technology and how it can aid motivation […]

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