Dr Anne Pankhurst

Dr Anne Pankhurst

Coach Education Consultant

Pankhurst is PTR’s Education Consultant, and also works as a consultant to a number of different sports national governing bodies, organizations, clubs and academies in different parts of the world.  Pankhurst’s work centers primarily on good practice in the development of sport specific athlete, coach and parent pathways.

Since 2009, Pankhurst has been the developer of all PTR education pathways, including Level 1, 3 and the three Level 5 Masters of Tennis programs.  For a decade, she worked for USTA Player Development, initially with Dr. Paul Lubbers on the High Performance Coaching Program, and then as a Player Development Consultant on the 10 and Under programs.  From 1994-2004, Pankhurst was the LTA Coach Education Director, responsible for all coach education and development programs Levels 1 through 5.  She also introduced the LTA’s Coach Licensing Scheme.

In 2014, Pankhurst earned her Ph.D, which focused on the roles of parents, coaches and the sport system in the identification and development of potential in junior sport (and tennis in particular).  She has been published in scientific journals, written several book chapters for the ITF, The Young Tennis Player – Injury Prevention and Treatment (Springer, 2016), and has just co-written a chapter for Talent Development, a Practitioner Guide (Routledge, 2017) and for the Handbook of Elite Performance (Routledge, in print).

Currently, Pankhurst developed a comprehensive Junior Development Coaching Program for more than 80 David Lloyd Clubs in the United Kingdom.  In 2017, she received the ITF Service to the Game Award.


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