Fernando Segal

Fernando Segal

Founder Segal Institute & Tennis Stars

Fernando is a worldwide tennis expert well-known for his philosophical concepts about how to develop the game, and increase participation.  Through Segal Institute he aims to  create a continuous educational and developmental pathway for coaches, players, parents, managers, tennis organizations and others, creating a healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling, passionate and purposeful life for tennis.

Having integrated many resources to increase of quantity of people on the game, quality in their learning and practical processes and fundamentally, he has achieving success in tennis development creating more reliable organizations with clear positioning on how to grow tennis to make a difference for tennis players and coaches.

Intelligent Tennis Project – Thoughts on a Brave New Tennis World

Panel Discuscusion

Through evolve9 and the Segal Institute we are building a network of committed and passionate tennis coaches who’s aim it is to reshape the industry. In this presentation Fernando will discuss pathways for career development, industry innovation and a vision for creating more engagement both on and off court. He will be joined by speakers […]

The Big Picture
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