Kris Soutar

Kris Soutar

Judy Murray Foundation Projects Manager

Kris is a coach with a difference, he can work at every level of the game with equal ease. Kris acknowledges every level of the game has to be treated with equal importance and over the last 27 years takes pride in the fact he has worked with champions of all ages and stages. Using his character centred coaching philosophy he places the learners needs at the heart of everything he does and no matter what the challenge is he will find innovative and effective ways to make the developments required to move to the next level.

Kris is an LTA level 5 Master Performance Coach and has coached for 27 years. The last 10 years Kris has been creating quite the reputation in the world of coach development. At present, Kris is the Project manager for the Judy Murray Foundation. The motto of the foundation is, Everyone for Tennis, Everywhere for Tennis. The foundation launched in 2018, and the strategy is to build workforces in local communities by training youth and community workers, teachers, parents, students, club members and sports coaches to deliver starter coaching and competition. Check out

In March 2019, Kris started a position with Tennis Scotland as a performance coach consultant. This role will see Kris work directly with the coaches of the country’s best young players.
Kris is also a performance coach education tutor and consultant for the LTA, which sees him lead on all levels 1-4 within their course structure and help develop performance content and resources for courses and CPD workshops.
Put all this together and it is clear Kris is living his belief that every level of tennis is equally important.

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