Ryan Fowler

Ryan Fowler

Tennis Director and Head of House Toowoomba Grammar School

Ryan is a qualified professional Educator, Coach, Tennis Director and Boarding Head of House working within the educational field, and is currently employed at Toowoomba Grammar School, Australia. With a diverse range of educational and coaching experience both domestically and internationally.

He has produced multiple educational articles around the development of students. Ryan’s expertise and experience is tailored to boys and their individual learning styles.

Ryan’s interests is in research specially around boys and their development, having coached and taught at boys boarding schools nationwide for the last 7 years. Aligned with his extensive tennis coaching background, Ryan is well grounded in helping teachers and coaches in better servicing their students, especially boys. He is a caring and compassionate educator who wishes to help facilitate positive change in the lives of others. His interests include sport, modern history, spending time with family and investing in others as the founder and co-director of a registered Australian charity.

Why Boys Ask So Many Questions!

Interview / Discussion

With so much focus on getting girls into sport and retaining them it is easy to avoid taking a deep dive into how boys learn and making sure that we are supporting their learning! If you have ever been irritated by constant questions that you thought you had already answered check out this presentation. It […]

Understanding Children
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