August 22nd

Happy Sunday, It’s My Game Coaches!

Here is our daily update on what is ahead for Sunday!.
A Brave New World presentation is now LIVE-  Head to the link below to see Fernando Segal’s amazing presentation on Intelligent Tennis Projects! Keynotes can be found here:
and you still have access to our Bonus Presentations here:
Join us for a special ZoomGrab your favorite drink and join Mike and Scott for one last Zoom gathering!  Tomorrow, Sunday, 3pm (U.S. EST) as we wrap up our first-of-its-kind conference with some laughs, discussions and what’s next for all our coaches!  We look forward to seeing you at our Conference Social!!  
***Join Zoom Conference Social

Meeting ID: 836 321 9689
Passcode: 1qcbuV

Be sure to sign our Visitor Book-  As the very first of its kind this event would not have been successful without the enthusiasm and professionalism of you, the coach delegates! As a final request for your involvement, which has been exceptional throughout, we ask you to post your comments and feedback below! Our mission was to create an event that was focused, practical and convenient to your busy work schedule! What did you like? What could have been different or better?
It’s My Game Selfie Videos- Don’t forget to post a video of yourself, where you are from and your name and It’s Your Game!! Shoutout!  We aren’t able to take a conference photo so this will be a cool collage that we can share once we have everyone’s video! Scroll through some of the selfie videos already on the It’s My Game private page!
It’s My Game Partners– You can visit ALL of our It’s My Game partners on our homepage. Be sure to visit our partners, click on their logos and receive special discounts and offerings for all those attending our conference.
Last day for It’s My Game Quiz- Our last quiz of the conference is sponsored by MD Sporting Solutions!!  This one is all about Game Development!! Good luck coaches!!!
Last day for our Photo Contest–   Sponsored by MD Sporting Solutions! The theme for this one is Community!  The photo that encompasses all the highlights, experiences during the conference, new information gathered and new friends we have met!
Remember, tag us and you could win some great prizes! #e9itsmygame @itsmygame We will have a new contest every 2 days!! Post your photos on Twitter, FaceBook or Instagram
Thank you to all those that attended our Locker Rooms- We have had so much great feedback on the Locker Rooms and we can’t thank you enough for attending.  We also want to thank our presenters for taking the time to join so many of these locker rooms. We had great discussions and look forward to providing more engagement opportunities for our coaches in the coming months.
Even though this is Sunday and our last conference day, the journey doesn’t end here.  We have created an engaged community that will make an impact in kids tennis for years to come.  Be sure to join us Sunday, 3pm (U.S. EST) to get together one last time and discuss next steps for all of our coaches! Link to the social is above in the bulletin!
We can’t thank you enough for helping make this first of its kind conference a huge success!!  If there is anything the Evolve9 team can do for you, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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