Friday 14th August

Thanks again for joining this event. Here are today’s updates.
Presentations are Now Live – The first module of content is now live on the site. You will find an intro summary video here
Click on the picture of the video to access the presentation. There is also a Spanish and Russian subtitled version available by clicking the link below the screen. If you do experience any lag in download speed these also provide an alternative viewing option.
Socrative – We will be using an APP called Socrative to increase interaction, post quizzes and award some prizes. Please download this to your phone and we will announce the quiz rooms each day for your to access
Locker Rooms – We are started posting dates and times of Locker room sessions for your region. Links to these rooms are appearing here
Don’t forget all our updates are posted on this  page just in case you enrolled late or didn’t receive a previous communication.
Have a great first module and if you have any questions or issues please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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