Dejan Vukojicic

Dejan Vukojicic

National Coach, Serbian Tennis Federation

Dejan is National Coach of the Tennis Federation Of Serbia, member of the board of coaches of Serbia and president of the board of tournaments. Dejan has taught players all the way up to professional level including Winners of the Orange Bowl and many other National Events.

He is the driver of Evolution Kids Tennis in Serbia, the National U10 Program there, and is the Lead Tutor for the Serbian Evolution Kids Tennis workshops and other workshops across Europe. In the first year of the Evolution Program in Serbia, Dejan was responsible for training over 400 coaches creating a buzz all across the country.


Growing, Thinking, Evolving – Using Constraints to develop skills

On Court

Maximizing learning when you have players for a limited time each week is crucial. You need to ensure that players are learning all the time even when you are not directly instructing your players. This sessions looks at using a constraints based approach, key way to score and motivate players, while all the time checking […]

Game Development
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