Espen Lilleaas

Espen Lilleaas

Activity Consultant NTF Tennis Kids

Espen Lilleaas is working at the Norwegian Tennis Federation (NTF) as an activity consultant and responsible for the official kids program in Norway, Tennis Kids. He is an allround coach and has worked as a Fed Cup coach and captain, and traveling with high performance players on ITF and WTA circuit, been head coach at several clubs around Oslo, fitness coach for NTF, tutor on NTF coach education courses, but for the past 10 years devoted his time to the kids.
Tennis Kids was established in 2018 and since then he has travelled around Norway educating clubs and helping clubs implement the Tennis Kids program.

The Magic Key – Side Games

On Court

The presentations shows a variety of sidegames that can be used as bonus, activities, luck based scoring systems, and motivational tools. It also includes a number of simple organisational formats for use with your younger players. If you want to create some extra engagement on the court this is great! View

Learning and Skill Development
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