Wednesday 12th August

We hope you are well and ready for an exciting week of information!

We are still working hard on the last few details but we are looking forward to connecting with as many of you as possible and have some very high quality presentations coming your way.

Here are a few useful details:

1) Schedule is attached! Please remember that videos will not all be available at the start but are pre-recored so you can tune in when you wish during each period.  A more expanded version of this can be found here

2) Closed Facebook Group – Our Closed facebook group is live at If you are on facebook please connect to this group as we will be posting updates here throughout the event. An email with links will also be sent daily to check in and keep you up to date!

3) Explainer Video. If you are still not clear how this works please check out the video here! We will be posting a video tomorrow on how to navigate the conference and will send that in our daily email.

4) Resources – There was a slight delay in releasing the blueprint and routemap as the presentations did not all arrive on time but this will be released tomorrow! This is the link

5) Contact Details – If you have any issues during the event please use this email address. We are online for around 18hrs each day so if we don’t get back to you instantly we will as soon as we possibly can.

6) Locker Rooms – Final Locker room times will be posted on Friday as the number of locker rooms is dependent on the number of sign ups in each region.

That’s all for today as we don’t want to overload you!

Looking forward to a great event.

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